Be Free From Your Past

Affordable tattoo removal by the most talented laser professional in Colorado Springs.


Obliterate your ink, not your skin. We use the latest FDA-approved tattoo removal laser for scar-free tattoo removal. Our laser uses 4 incredibly versatile wavelengths to remove both black and multicolored tattoos. Prescription numbing cream takes the edge off the zap.

It started with a "Shit Lion Tattoo"

Owner & Certified Laser Specialist, Joe "Jojo" Coram 

"I was 19 and wanted to get this badass, fierce lion tattoo on my arm to show that I too was a badass... or something like that. I got the tattoo in a buddy's garage, and it was everything I wanted. Then, when I was 21 I went to Vegas. Imagine my horror when I saw the MGM logo and realized... I had the freakin' MGM lion tattooed on my arm. I wanted it removed, and that started my journey into laser tattoo removal."



Tattoo removal is a process and it doesn't tickle. We provide numbing cream to mellow the zap. Expect multiple treatments to fade & remove your tattoo. We need to balance ink destruction and skin healing to prevent scarring. Simple, light black tattoos are removed in a few treatments. Bold tattoos with many colors take many treatments. Come in for a free consultation to get a precise quote for your removal needs.


This is your change. We are here to help. We understand that the decision to remove a tattoo is personal and important. We build your personalized removal plan to get the change you are after. If we feel we are unable to reach your desired outcome, we're upfront with you. We offer package discounts, pay-as-you-go, and payment plans.



< 1 square inch


per treatment


up to 2 square inches


per treatment


up to 5 square inches


per treatment


>5 square inches and/or multiple tattoos


per treatment


Megan Moxie via Google

Take it from a tattoo artist that is covered in many terrible tattoos, you can start over. Whether you want to remove them completely, or fade them enough to cover with something better. And Jojo’s the guy to do it. Well informed and gentle, this is a no judgment zone. Because I’m so thrilled with my own personal results I always recommend my own clients go to him for their removal needs. Do yourself a favor, stop questioning it and come see Blackout Laser.


Gray Warrior, via Google

In the world of tattoos it's good to meet a guy that understands that it's just as meaningful to remove certain tattoos as it is to get them. I've had my wings for about 8 years now and I've never been happy with them. In just a short amount of time, I was already on the chair for my first session. The session lasted a fraction of the time it actually took to get the tattoo. While I know I have a few sessions to go I'm so stoked to have more room for better work in the future.


Yesenia Martinez, via Google

Working with Jojo has been an AMAZING experience! Getting tattoo removal is uncomfortable but he makes sure that at each appointment i am comfortable and ready, he is also extremely fast. 10/10