Laser lipolysis (or laser lipo, for short) is a body-sculpting treatment that uses heat from light-based laser technology to melt fat cells. It’s intended mainly to remove stubborn body fat that most people find difficult to lose through normal dieting or exercise in areas such as:

  • Upper Abdominals

  • Lower Abdominals

  • Side Flanks

With non-invasive laser lipo, an applicator is secured to your body to heat the fat beneath your skin. No incisions or anesthetic are required and therefore there is no downtime.

Heres how it works!

  1. Your laser technician marks those areas of your body to be treated.

  2. You will then lie on a bed and your laser technician will fit the special applicators to your skin.

  3. During the first few minutes of the treatment, you will feel a cooling sensation that will help to keep your skin comfortable throughout the process.

  4. After that, you will feel alternating warming and cooling cycles as the laser begins to destroy the fat cells. This cycling will continue until the treatment is complete.

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